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Dr. Gina Tsarouchi

HR Wallingford, UK

Gina Tsarouchi is a Principal Engineer in HR Wallingford’s  Flood and Water Management Group, with main areas of expertise in early warning systems, land surface modelling,  and catchment hydrology. Over the last decade, Gina has been working internationally in projects that use Earth Observations for sustainable development. These include work in Uganda to forecast water availability, in India to develop an impact-based flood forecasting system, in the Caribbean to study the impacts of climate change in water supply, in South East Asia to develop a dengue fever early warning system and to analyse the impacts of climate change on vector-borne disease; and in the UK to assist with long-term water resources planning. She is currently leading a UK Space Agency grant  aiming to develop the first ever operational dengue fever and water availability forecasting system at a country level for Vietnam, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. 

Gina holds a PhD in Hydrology from Imperial College London, an MSc in Water Resources Science and an MEng in Civil Engineering from NTUA, Greece. Since 2019 she is the Vice-chair of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) UK Leadership team.